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Financial Aid: Southwestern and Scarborough College
Financial Aid Application

Southwestern and Scarborough College
Financial Aid Application

The Office of Financial Aid helps to facilitate the educational preparation of men and women who have answered God’s call to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth through scholarships, financial aid, and financial counseling. Scholarships provided through Southwestern and Scarborough College are made possible by the generous gifts of donors.

This financial aid application is for six different scholarships:

  1. Scarborough Scholarship (for Undergraduate students only)
  2. Southwestern Scholarship (for Graduate and Doctorate students only)
  3. High Achiever Scholarship
  4. Legacy Scholarship
  5. Military Tuition Assistance
  6. Missions Scholarships

Please visit our website to view requirements for each scholarship.

Current students must complete the application by July 1st.
New students can apply up to August 30th.

For specific questions about the scholarship opportunities available at Southwestern Seminary and Scarborough College, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at financialaid@swbts.edu.